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Different products upload for different store

2 years ago
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     Here i want to upload different products for different stores,
Is there any option in excel by which we can upload particular products to one store and else are in second store.
Limit To Store is feasible for distinguishing the products by two stores but here i have to edit single products to make it available on particular store.

I want to upload bulk products to one store and some of in second by excel file, So how can i distinguish products in excel sheet so that they can easily may upload on different store,
Is there any option (like by store Id ) to upload products by excel.?
2 years ago
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Hi Aman,

If are running multiple stores (in nopCommerce based off multi store feature) that means you are working with different domain names (or sub-domains).

You just have to perform 2 separate imports:
- Import products for store 1 when you are logged into store 1 domain (or sub-domain)
- Import products for store 2 when you are logged into store 2 domain (or sub-domain)
2 years ago
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Hi Lavish,

Can you give me an Example of uploading products with two different files on two different stores.  
Please Give a way to import separate bulk products for different stores.