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Custum edited Libraries will affect out Published Nop.Web

2 years ago
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Hi Everyone,
Today i am started with to publishing NopCommerce Version 3.90 to my hosting server but i have a question when we publish Nop.Web i think there single one [Nop.Web] is published but i haven't made any changes in this section.

Before this have been added some custom code to this files:  Libraries > Nop.Services> ExportImport > ExportManager and ImportManager for to add one new cloumn while exporting/importing products and manufacturer to/by csv.

So will this section of code will affect Nop.Web after publishing.
This is little confusion please en-light me about this and how to publish custom edited nopcommerce libraries to host
and how can i made changes in code after publishing the website weather it is nopcommerce or something like other.

Aman Nur
2 years ago
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Hi Aman,

Whenever you make any changes in the source code, you should re-build the solution and update the code files on server (if necessary) and the bin folder.