Sunday, December 15, 2019 11:31:48 PM

Import more than 5000 or 10000 products from excel to nopcommece

2 years ago
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Hello Everyone,

As we know we can bulk Import / Export to nopCommerce through excel file with multiple records.

But now i want to Import more than 5,000 -10,000 products to nopCommerce for my both stores .can anyone help me on that how it could be possible to import such numbers of products or it is not possible.?

I am uploading such number of products like 4896 by excel but i takes to much time to upload after 1.5 hour MS-SQL contains products around 1600 only.
Is there any other fast way to upload such number of products.

And what is the maximum limit to export products like i want to export more than 10,000 products so is it possible in once ?

Aman Nur
2 years ago
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Hi Aman,

If you are familiar with SQL, you can create custom queries and import products directly into the database.
2 years ago
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Hi Lavish,

Now i want to Export All products records like more than 10k - 1 lac. But it takes too much time and still (Loading Page) not completed after 2 hours.

Is there any way to export all records in less time or in seconds?