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  • Friday, January 4, 2019 8:51 AM

Apple has shown consistency in releasing quality products and devices over the year and yet again, Apple has planned a lot for the year 2019. The latest product releases have gained popularity worldwide and that is the sole reason why I am looking forward to the launch of their future devices. However, one significant device has been ignored for too long and that is the iPad Mini. Released in 2015, I had lost all hope about hearing any new updates about a next mini tablet but credible sources have confirmed that an Apple iPad Mini 5 2019 is under production. I am not sure about how true this news is but there is no harm in keeping your expectations high as Apple could surprise us with a new iPad Mini release anytime soon. While the manufacturing cost has been lessened but it does not mean that it will let Apple compromise on its quality. Have you heard anything new or not?

6 months ago