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  • Wednesday, August 14, 2019 6:53 AM

Prache Cream The information comes through our 5 senses or 5 modalities (neuro linguistic programming technique) and then we create a movie in our mind. A movie that is an interpretation of what we see, hear and feel. And then the Beauty of all this is that we can edit the movie. NLP calls this ability "shifting the submodalities". We can play with this movie, make some images brighter or some sounds louder. We can even transform the movie in black and white. We can tell the movie to do whatever Prache Cream we want and as we're the master of our thoughts, it will obey. It has to obey. That's what we call changing submodalities, one of the most powerful neuro linguistic programming techniques developed by Richard Bandler in the early 70's.

3 months ago