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What is a Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post on Striving Programmers site is an opportunity to have your product reviewed with feedback that is focused on educating our readers / audience. This type of post usually consists of a general overview of the product or service including a list of features (i.e. what the user gains in terms of functionality). We provide a neutral review of your product or service and avoid listing pros and cons in order to best educate our readers while sharing the product's features and functionality; allowing them to make the final decision.


What you can expect from our Sponsored Post?

  • It gives you, the creator, a guaranteed publication/advertisement of your product
  • A review of your product within 2-3 weeks from the payment / order date
  • Post will be 350+ words with at least 2 links


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*NOTE: The listed price is for 1 single post ONLY!

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