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Based out of New York, USA, Lavish Kumar is a full stack web developer by profession and founder of Striving Programmers, a trusted community for developers that offers a wealth of articles and forums to assist individuals with improving their software development skills.

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Setting up your websites for WordPress and nopCommerce Integration

Setting up your websites for WordPress and nopCommerce Integration is quite easy. Make sure you have installed all the necessary plugins / add-ons and have configured your WordPress site and nopCommerce store site as per the installation guide.

Here is the process to setup your WordPress and nopCommerce websites for this integration.

Installing WordPress and nopCommerce Integration

This integration is completely free and can be installed on any WordPress and nopCommerce store site individually like any other plugin. The integration comes with two custom plugins: one custom plugin for WordPress and other for nopCommerce. Both plugins can technically be used individually on their respective sites (depending on what feature you need).

Overview of WordPress and nopCommerce Integration

Everyone knows that nopCommerce is the leading ASP.NET based open-source eCommerce platform while WordPress is a world famous blogging platform backed by thousands of plugins. Integrating nopCommerce with WordPress can be seen as a natural choice for your business if you would like to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

How to create a multi-language store site with nopCommerce

As a store owner, when you are selling products globally (in multiple countries or regions), it becomes quite important to offer a multilingual website that allows online shoppers to change the default store language to their native language. The good news is that nopCommerce does support multi-language option that enables store owner (or administrators) to add / install multiple languages on the store site. In this tutorial, we will cover these 3 topics: Adding a new language pack, Adding a new custom string resource and Localization settings

3 Ways to create a personalized shopping experience on nopCommerce site

Greeting your customers with a personalized shopping experience is high-priority for most of the retails / online business owners these days. When personalization is done correctly on your business website and your sales are going, this is a sign that you as a retailer / business owner understand your customers needs. In this article, we will discuss 3 ways to create a personalized shopping experience on nopCommerce site.

How to display a loading icon until the page loads completely in nopCommerce

Isn't a great idea to display a nice loading animation or icon on your webpage until the page loads completely? It adds a cool little animated touch on your site and it acts as a buffer that fills in the gap of waiting time. Most of the users / website visitors love to see animation on websites. WHY? well, animation helps in keeping the users engaged with the website and its content. Animation also helps in directing the users to the right directing and keep the users from leaving the site too soon.

In this quick tutorial, we will learn how we can display a loading icon until the page loads completely in nopCommerce.

How to disable wishlist in nopCommerce

Every online store is different and offers a different set of featues to its customers depending on the type of business, product, service(s), industry and customer's interest. nopCommerce offers a wealth of features that any store owner may need in order to run his / her e-Commerce business. One of these features includes wishlist.

What if you are not interested in offering this feature to your customers? What if you want to disable wishlist of your nopCommerce store site? Well, there is a way to accomplish this right from the administration section.

How to change or add topic template in nopCommerce

nopCommerce offers a great functionalilty of "topic" pages that allow store owners / managers to create pages right from the administration section without even touching the source code. Creating these topic pages on the fly from the administration section DOES NOT require any technical skills. As long as you have the access to the administration section (& required privilege), you can easily create a topic page.

But, what if you (as a store owner / manager) want to change the layout of the topic pages? What if you want topic page 1 to look different from topic page 2? Let's look into the process that allows you to choose different templates for different topic pages.

How to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) LookupOrderedRows AMPScript to search data in a data extension that returns multiple rows

Today, we will talk about Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and AMPScript (LookupOrderedRows AMPScript to be specific). Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows marketers to create 1-to-1 journeys across the entire Salesforce Customer Success Platform -- journeys that span not only digital marketing, but sales and service as well. This simplifies data management, segmentation and campaign management, making it easy to create compelling digital marketing campaigns, boost customer engagement and ultimately drive more leads into Salesforce.

In this tutorial, we will go over the LookupOrderedRows AMPScript that can be used to search data in a data extension that returns multiple rows.

How to redirect users based on referrer URL using JavaScript

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can redirect users on your website based on referrer URL using JavaScript. According to W3Schools, "document.referrer" returns a string, representing the URL of the document that loaded the current document. Returns the entire URL, including the protocol (like http://). If the current document was not opened through a link (for example, through a bookmark), an empty string is returned.

This solution can check if the user (site traffic) is coming from a specific webpage or a website URL and based on that it will redirect the users accordingly.

Let's dive in!

Thank you for posting the solution!

4 years ago

Creating a SQL Server Compact Database

4 years ago

Hello Axiom,

Last time I tested the "Classified" project (which was a few years back), I remember it was working fine out of the box. I will see if I have a copy or if I can run the project on my end.

For your error, I found a topic similar to your error message (for classified) here:

4 years ago


Did you add the <configuration> tag with debug ="true" in your web.config file as mentioned in the error message?

4 years ago

Hello Axiom,

Thank you for your feedback :) I'm glad you find the website and the information helpful.

I'll look into the project on my end and the errors you are getting. I'll get back to you when I'm done testing the project.

4 years ago

Hello Axiom,

By looking at the example sites that you provided, it seems like you need to build a custom website. nopCommerce is not the right solution for this as it is an e-Commerce solution.

The best approach would be, select a CMS project and customize it according to your requirements. Some good CMS projects are:

- Orchard CMS
- N2 CMS
- MojoPortal

Here are some real estate site projects I found online that might be worth looking:


Hope it helps!

4 years ago

What kind of error are you getting? Could you please provide more details?

4 years ago


I am sorry I didn't get a chance to look into the sql script. I will certainly test the script over the weekend and will get back to you.

4 years ago

Ok I will take a look at your sql script, test it on my end and get back to you.

4 years ago

1) Have you considered using the import excel sheet features for importing a list of products in your database which already does the same job successfully (instead of this custom sql script) ?

2) You also have an option of using this extension/tool for maintaining your products:

3) Please share your sql script here that you are using for importing the products so that we can figure it out what is the issue

4 years ago