6 Signs you are ready to find a new job

6 Signs you are ready to find a new job

Let's face it...sometimes the daily grind of even an amazing job can get the best of us. Most of the time a few days off or a trip somewhere tropical usual resolves this issue and we return to work rejuvenated and newly motivated! However, how do we tell the difference between just needing a few days off and needing to find a brand new job? While there is no sure-fire way to tell, here are some signs that you may be ready to move on to greener pastures:


You dread being at work every day

Now don't get me wrong, even our dream jobs can sometimes be less than perfect when we have to wake up at 4am and ride the train for 2 hours, but there is a difference between hating the commute and hating the actual job. If you find yourself contemplating whether you can use another sick day almost every morning of the week when your alarm goes off, that may be a good indicator that this job isn't working for you anymore. Generally, there will be ups and downs with work as projects start and stop, but pay attention to how frequently you dislike your job; if it is more days than not for more than a couple of months in a row then I would say it is time you updated your resume!


You are bored

Not every job will keep you busy all the time and in many ways that is a good thing! It can be nice to maintain a slower pace at work for a few weeks here at there as a way to maintain your sanity. If you notice that you are bored though due to not being mentally challenged, then maybe you have started to outgrow your current position. Our daily jobs are ideal when there is a balance of easy times and challenging times; if you find you are constantly under stimulated, uninterested and so bored that in a day's shift you were able to get to level 250 in Candy Crush, then it could be a good time to ask for a promotion or something new that involves additional roles as a way to keep  you more invested.


You are way too busy

To make the exact opposite point of number 2, if you find yourself constantly stressed and overworked that isn’t good either. Our bodies and minds need breaks and time to regroup; if you find yourself constantly pulled in 9 different directions each day as soon as you sit at your desk you can start to build resentment and an overall negative attitude while at work, or as I tell my 1 year-old daughter you become "cranky pants." While money isn't everything, if the amount of work you are doing isn't worth the money or aggravation you are experiencing then it's time to move on.


You frequently find yourself feeling unappreciated

Similar to number 3, feel unappreciated is one major reasons people tend to jump ship. If you are putting in the work and effort but not receiving any type of acknowledgment or appreciation then this may not be a healthy job to stay in. Some people don't mind lying under the radar but if you are like me and want at least some type of "job well done", or something that shows it was worth the efforts you put in, then either talk to your boss or find a new boss who will be grateful to have you on their team!


You have no good reason to stay

Yes this is a little obvious, but if you can't think of a reason to stick around then why keep doing it? Listen to that inner voice and follow the direction it leads you!


You are burned out

Burnout can be defined as "physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress." If this sounds something like you then you may want to try to take a break from work for a few days. If that doesn't help, then I'm sorry but you may need to seek another place to work or just a new position that sparks your fire! (No pun intended)


So as I said before, is this an all-encompassing exhaustive list of when to know to leave your job? No. But these are some warning signs that you are no longer happy with your position; what you do with that realization is up you.

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Written By Toni K.

Toni is an Employment Specialist and has her Certification in Rehabilitation Counseling. She has been working in the vocational field for the past 7 years and assists individuals with resume building, interview skills, job maintenance and seeking employment opportunities.

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