How to display stock quantity on product page in nopCommerce

When you are selling products online, it is quite important to display the real-time available stock quantity so that customers get an assurance that you (as a store owner) will be able to provide the ordered quantity. This also avoids any kind of confusion on the public store and decreased the possibility of order cancellations. Many online shoppers do appreciate when store sites present correct / accurate information which leads to increase in customer satisfaction.

Today, we will go over the process of displaying stock quantity on product page in nopCommerce.

Login to your nopCommerce store as an admin and go to administration section (in Manage Products):

nopcommerce display stock

Now select any product for which you would like to display the real-time available stock quantity like this:

nopcommerce display stock

On the edit product details page, scroll down and look for the option"Display stock quantity".

nopcommerce display stock

 Display stock quantity: [CHECK]
Check to display stock quantity. When enabled, customers will see stock quantity.


Now, let's go to the public store and see the results:

nopcommerce display stock

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