How to enable username in nopCommerce

There days many websites prefer to use email address for login purposes so that customer don't have to remember any additional information to manage an account. But, there are times when some websites do require users to create a username for login purposes. In this whole process, an online user need provide a unique username while creating an account on the website.

nopCommerce offer various features for managing customer settings and enabling username is one of them. Today, we will go over the process of enabling username in nopCommerce.

Go to: Administration section > Configuration > Settings > Customer Settings

nopcommerce username

On the customer settings page:
Select the 'Usernames' enabled: Check to use usernames for login/registration instead of emails. WARNING: not recommended to change in production environment. When this option is selected, the following options will be displayed:

nopcommerce username enabled

Allow customers to change their usernames: This option is for whether customers are allowed to change their usernames.
Allow customers to check the availability of usernames:  This option is for whether customers are allowed to check the availability of usernames (when registering or changing in 'My Account'). Select this option to enable customers to check the username availability before clicking the Save button on the My Account > Customer Info page.

(Make sure to SAVE changes after selecting these options)

nopcommerce username enabled

Now, when customers login to the store site (on pubic store), they will be asked to provide their username and password like this:

nopcommerce username enabled

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