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Are you looking for a good ASP.NET open source CMS (Content Management System) Project ? N2 is a lightweight CMS framework to help you build great web sites that anyone can update.

The best part is - There are both Web Forms and MVC versions available. http://n2cms.codeplex.com/releases

I personally installed N2 CMS and tested it on my machine. It is very user-friendly, easy to use and maintain.

N2 CMS contains a package of functional templates with News, Wiki, Photo Galleries, FAQs, RSS, Data Entry, Polls and much more.

Here is the complete list of features provided by N2 CMS: http://n2cms.com/Features.aspx

The Database: http://n2cms.com/Documentation/The 20database.aspx

Check out this demo website: http://demo.n2cms.com/ and screenshots: http://n2cms.com/screenshots.aspx

For Administration section, click here (username: admin / password: changeme)

Installation Instructions: http://n2cms.com/Documentation/Startup_guide/Installation.aspx

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