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How to solve tinymce editor issue of ignoring link references in nopCommerce 3.40 topic pages

Written by Lavish Kumar

written by Lavish Kumar

There are many users who are experiencing an issue with tinymce HTML Editor in nopCommerce 3.40 version (specifically in topic pages). This issue causes 2 major problems:

1) No matter how many <link> references you add in the html source code of your topic page,  the editor refuses to save it and disregard all the references.

2) If you have upgraded your nopCommerce based website from previous version and you already have <link> references in the topic pages. After upgrading your site to 3.40, if you open the topic page in administration section and make any kind of changes. You will lose all the references as tinymce editor will ignore it while saving.

Here is a quick fix to this problem.