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How to bulk delete images for a product in nopCommerce

Written by Lavish Kumar

written by Lavish Kumar

nopCommerce offers a variety of features to manage the product catalog such as adding categories, adding products, mass product import, mass update and much more. You can't call a product page user-friendly if it does not have an image of the product itself. nopCommerce got your back, you do have an option to import images for each product via import or you can manually add pictures to your product.

What if you have added a lot of pictures for each product on your store site to make it user-friendly and attractive but you encounter a situation in which you have to delete all those pictures in bulk for several products? Majority of store owners would have to spend hours deleting pictures one by one for each product because nopCommerce does not offer any option out of the box to delete product pictures in bulk.

Today, we will discuss a workaround that can save your time and effort to bulk delete images for a product (or products).