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Feeling Stressed on the job? Here are 5 easy strategies that guarantee some relief!

Written by Lavish Kumar

written by Toni K.

Okay...So let's face it, we may love...errr.. like our jobs but sometimes stress at work is something that's unavoidable! Maybe it is a short-lived moment of problem-solving a solution or a 6-month long project that is making you feel the pressure; either way, it's always good to know how to deal with stress when it hits you. Did you know that when we are stressed our body actually focuses our energy and blood AWAY from the brain? Really, the more stressed we are, the less effective we are at actually doing our jobs! (A solid reason to ask for more vacation days I'd say!)

But in all seriousness, while it may not be possible to completely rid yourself of stress while at work, here are some simple strategies you can use to give yourself a little relief.