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How to add custom customer attributes / fields in nopCommerce

Written by Lavish Kumar

written by Lavish Kumar

There are times when some nopCommerce store admins finds themselves in a situation when the default registration form fields are not enough for their needs (if they would like to manage more information of the customers). In reality, it can be a very difficult task for a non-technical store admin to dive into the code and make the required modifications (in code and the database) for adding custom fields. A lot of users were facing this issue in the previous/old versions of nopCommerce as there was no way to accomplish  this unless the user makes the modifications in the code / database.

In order to overcome this issue, a feature (option) was added to the nopCommerce project in the administration section that allows store admins to add custom fields in a user-friendly way.

Today we will go over this long awaited feature that was added to nopCommerce !