A look at Universal SMS Plugin for nopCommerce

A look at Universal SMS Plugin for nopCommerce

This past October, I attended a nopCommerce conference event (nopDays 2016) in Amsterdam where I was invited as a guest speaker; while I was there I had the luxury of meeting the founder of Xcellence-IT, a nopCommerce solution partner and a web development company from India that offers a wide range of IT services. During our meeting they shared with me the purpose of their company, the nopCommerce services they provide and some interesting information about the new plug-ins they recently developed. Upon returning to the US I had the opportunity to learn more about these plugins and through my explorations I acquired some great information that I think would be highly beneficial to nopCommerce store owners and my readers…


Today I will be reviewing the Universal SMS Plugin I learned about while in Amsterdam and downloaded from shop.xcellence-it.


So if you use nopCommerce for your online business and would like to take your nopCommerce site to the next level by giving your customers / online shoppers yet another way to communicate with your store site, you may want to look into a way to add SMS functionality to your nopCommerce site. Learn about what Universal SMS Plugin can do for you.



Installing this plugin is quite easy. Once, you have installed & activated it on your nopCommerce store site, you just need an account from a service in the support gateways (Email Sms Api, Http Sms Api, Twilio Voice & Sms Api Configurations).



While I was testing out this plugin, I paid attention to two main aspects: ease of use and usability. The plugin’s interface is quite user-friendly and easy to use. The overall flow of configuring the settings is quite intuitive and the self-explanatory tabs make it easier for any store owner to setup this plugin.



When it comes to addressing a store owner’s unique needs, Universal SMS Plugin has it all. This plugin lets you send voice or text notification messages to all over the world. It offers pre-defined message templates that you can edit as per your business needs / requirements and support for multi-store configuration.


Let’s take a look at some of the features and functionality that this plugin has to offer:


Admin notification

Store owner (or Admin) can receive message notifications on the following events:

  • New customer registration
  • New order placed in store
  • Order Paid
  • Order Completed
  • Return Request initiated by customer


Here is what one of the notification settings for admin looks like in the plugin configuration: 



Actual notification message (SMS) on phone: 



Here is another set of examples of admin notification:





Customer notification

Customers can receive message notifications on the following events:

  • Customer mobile number verification/Change of mobile number
  • Order placed
  • Shipment initiated for order placed
  • Order delivered
  • Order is cancelled by Admin/Vendor/Customer
  • Order notes updated for order and display to customer is checked
  • Order processing
  • Payment refund initiated
  • Individual messages
  • Order Paid
  • Order Completed
  • Return Request initiated
  • Change status of return request by admin/ vendor


Vendor notification

Vendors can receive message notifications on the following events:

  • Order Placed for Vendor's Product
  • Order Delivered
  • Order Paid
  • Order Refund
  • Order Cancelled
  • Order Completed



Universal SMS Plugin is a powerful plugin and offers your customers a unique way to communicate with your nopCommerce store site. The documentation for this plugin is quite detailed and guides you through its configuration process. Overall, this plug-in could be a great advantage to NopCommerce store owners, so make sure to check it out!


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