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Steps to add a new custom page in nopCommerce (ASP.NET MVC based e-Commerce solution)

Written by Lavish Kumar

written by Lavish Kumar

Every now and then I get the same question from many nopCommerce users in regard to adding a new custom page is nopCommerce. nopCommerce switched from Web Forms to MVC in version 2.X and everything was rewritten from scratch along with the architecture improvements. While ASP.NET MVC tends to get the most attention these days, many ASP.NET developers are still new to MVC, as it can be a learning curve for any .NET developer. So, I completely understand that it can be quite overwhelming to work with something that is totally different from Web Forms. 

So, here I am writing an article (again based on newer version of nopCommerce) on this topic to answer this common question and I hope it helps nopCommerce users who are looking for a solution to this problem / question.