Difference between No Source / Web OR Source Code of nopCommerce

Many times, new users of nopCommerce get confused about whether to use No Source / web version OR Source code  for their website(s) and they do not know the difference between the two.

You can deploy your website by using either one but both serves a different purpose.

The answer is simple: It depends on your requirements.

 1) If you want to start an eCommerce site based on nopCommerce with no customization - Web version is enough

2) If you want to install new themes but still no customizations - Web version is enough

3) If you want to create your own plugins - You will need source code to build your plugins

4) If you want to customize the code / structure / functionality of nopCommerce - You will need source code

Points to remember:
There are 2 kinds of customization:

(a) If you need to modify just the html / design related stuff / just front end stuff in pages (adding or removing anything) - Web version is enough

(b) If you need to modify the way nopCommerce works / customization in the code or structure (like database modification/ code changes / changes in core functionality) - You need source code

Other information
1) If you are looking for seamlessly upgrade - You will have to keep the nopCommerce code / structure / design in default state.

2) If you are looking for change in design or modifying a few things - You can still upgrade your store to next version but you will have to redo or re-install your changes that you did in previous version. It brings up an question "Do I need to write whole code again?" - Well, it depends ! If there are no changes in the new / next version of nopCommerce to which you want to upgrade then yes you can use the same code. But if there are major changes and improvement in next version then depending on what kind of changes are in nopCommerce, you will have to modify you code / customization according to that.

Hope it helps...

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5/13/2014 7:40 AM
Info in this article was very helpful and helped me in my decision when doing my upgrade
5/13/2014 12:33 PM
Thank you Sean for your comments, I am glad this article was helpful to you.
6/15/2015 1:49 AM
Congratulations for your  blog, help me a lot. But now I have a question: I already install the web/no source code in my website, but I saw it's limited for customize. I want to know if I can change de no source code installation and increase the other modules for my website.
6/16/2015 12:05 AM
Hello Efrain, thank you for your comments. Yes, you can go to "source code" version anytime. If you did not do any kind of customization in the code (in web version), you can simply switch to "source code" version by adding the database connection string to it. If you did make customizations in the web version code, then you will have to make those changes in the source code version too. One more thing you will need to remember is that, all the files (product images etc) that you added to your store are on your hosting account, while working with source code, you won't see those images (or you can simply copy the images / content to your source code version and go from there).

Hope it helps :)
8/31/2015 9:41 PM
hi sir,i want add and remove the buttons in nopcommerce admin and front page how i can do this.and which code is needed because "source code" or "nosource code" please help me i'm new for nopcommerce please reply
Thanks and Regards,
8/31/2015 10:43 PM
If you are looking to modify / change the design of the button then you don't need source code and can work with web version.

But, if you are looking to change the functionality of buttons (or click events) then you may want to consider using a "source code" version.
10/14/2015 11:22 PM
Hi Lavish...
Is it possible to create a new view /partial view in  nosource(web) ?