How to activate SMS provider in nopCommerce

A lot of users are not aware that nopCommerce comes (out of the box) with a plugin that can be very helpful to store owners. A plugin (if enabled) can sent you message notifications on your mobile phone when you receive orders, message or any important updated in regard to your store site.

To configure this plugin, go to: Administrator > Configuration > Plugins > Local Plugins

nopcommerce sms provider

Once you see the list of plugins installed on your store site, scroll down and you will see a plugin named as "Verizon SMS provider".

nopcommerce sms provider

In order to configure this plugin, click Configure below the Verizon SMS Provider. The Configure – Verizon SMS Provider window is displayed, as follows:

nopcommerce sms provider

- Select the Enabled checkbox, to enable the SMS provider. 
- In the Email field, enter your Verizon email address, for example,

This service is used to notify your via SMS not only by email. The most popular email carriers are displayed below for your information:
Virgin Mobile:

(Phone number should be your 10 digit phone number)

- Click Save. Now, whenever you receive any new order, a notification message will be send to you on the phone number you saved here. This feature can be quite convenient for many store owners.

- In the Send test message area, you can enter the message text in the Message text field and click Send.

Hope it helps!

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2/20/2016 9:25 PM
How can i send bulk sms using admin panel.
2/20/2016 11:53 PM
Have you tried adding multiple carrier email addresses separated by comma?