How to add branding information on PDF invoice in nopCommerce

A good branding strategy always increases the value of your business. Brand can be defined as a symbol, logo, statement or any distinct identification that represent you as a seller (or business / company). Adding branding to your store site certainly delivers the message clearly i.e. the product you are selling in the market. Some other advantages are:

- Increase trust level - Buyer gets motivated to buy your product / services
- Create loyal customers
- Gives your business an identity by which customer can remember you
- Increase credibility

Just like branding your store site is critical for your online business, adding branding information to your order invoice is equally important. nopCommerce offers several ways for store owners to add branding information to the invoice from the administration section.

Adding logo

You can add your store logo to the PDF invoice that your customers can download from their accounts. Adding store logo to the invoice certainly adds up credibility. In order to do so, go to:

Administration > Configuration > Settings > General and miscellaneous settings > PDF settings (TAB)

nopcommerce PDF invoice

Once you upload an image of your store logo and SAVE changes. Go to your accounts / order information and try generating a PDF invoice for an order, you should see the logo like this:

nopcommerce PDF invoice

Note: If you wish to change the size of the logo, you will have to make the required changes in the code

Adding text

Along with the logo, you will also see the options add your custom text to the invoice. The text / verbiage will be visible when any customer generates / downloads the PDF invoice from their account. You can use this option to add personalized text or generic order instructions for the customers.

nopcommerce PDF invoice

Invoice footer text (left column):   Enter the text that will appear at the bottom of generated invoices (left column).

Invoice footer text (right column):  Enter the text that will appear at the bottom of generated invoices (right column).

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5/13/2016 1:27 AM
Hi Lavihs, Thanks for this topic. It's possible to have vendor logo in the place  of store logo?
5/16/2016 1:53 PM
Hi hervemoha,

You can add vendor logo like this:
5/19/2016 12:27 AM
Thks Lavish,
Is it possible to have the vendor logo in the place of store logo in the pdf invoice?
5/22/2016 10:49 PM
Hi Hervemoha,
Adding vendor logo in the PDF invoice is not available in nopCommerce out of the box. You will need to make customization in: ..\Libraries\Nop.Services\Common\PdfService.cs
5/23/2016 4:58 AM
Thanks Lavish