How to create forum groups in nopCommerce

Today, having forums (or discussion boards) on your e-Commerce website is a great way to providing an option to your customers to communicate with you (as an online business). CMS features like online forums gives a chance to the customers to participate and engage in conversions. These conversation acts as a quality content for your e-Commerce website and hence provide quality content for SEO (search engine optimization).

Today, we will go over the process of creating forum groups in nopCommerce.

In nopCommerce, in order to enable customers to create forum topics and posts, store owner have to first enable forums on the Forums Settings page and then create at least one forum. But, how to you enable forums settings?

Go to: Administration section > Configuration > Settings > Forum Settings. Make sure the Forums Enabled checkbox is checked to enable the store owner to create forums.

In order to create forum groups:

1)  Content Management menu, select Forums. You will see this window: 

forum groups

2) Now, click the Add New Forum Group button. You will see this window: 

forum groups

3) Enter the information for the new forum group details, as follows:

- Name: Enter the name of this new forum group that the customer will see.
- Display order: Enter the display order of the forum group. A value of 1 represents the top of the list.

Make sure to click "Save".

Hope it helps!

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