How to manage homepage rotating banner / slider in nopCommerce

Having a rotating banner / slider on the homepage is quite common feature in website designs these days. It is a very useful way of compressing or organizing the information to showcase the products and services that you offer on your store site. If rotating banner / slider is implemented correctly, it can easily help the users to navigate to different parts of the site. But. if done wrong, it can easily become a distraction on your homepage.

Today, we will discuss, how to manage homepage rotating banner / slider in nopCommerce.

nopCommerce comes integrated by default ( or out of the box) with a rotating slider known as "Nivo slider". The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use image slider on the market. There is literally no better way to make your website look totally stunning. For more information, see this:

In order to configure Nivo slider in nopCommerce, go to:
Administration > Content Management > Widgets.

You will see the widget windows like this:

nopcommerce nivo slider

To enable the Nivo slider, simply click on the button "Edit" and select the checkbox that says "Is active".

nopcommerce nivo slider

Now, click on the "Configure" link to add / remove the banners that you would like to display on your homepage.

nopcommerce nivo slider

You can perform the following tasks for each banner / slider:

- In the Picture field, you can simply click "Upload a file" button to upload any image banner. You can also click "Remove picture" button to remove any existing image banner.

- In the Comment field, you can enter a comment that you would like to display with the image banner (or leave empty for no text).

- In the URL field, you can enter the required URL (or leave empty) if you would like to navigate the user to a specific page or website by making the image banner clickable.

Make sure to "SAVE" changes.

Now, you should see the nivo slider on your homepage like this:

nopcommerce nivo slider

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