Overview of an improved way to manage plugins in nopCommerce

A good software architecture is not just writing clean code, it also includes capability of having add-on plugins that allows developers to extend the features of a software. nopCommerce is one of those good software that follows a great architecture and allows developers to create plugins.

The latest version of nopCommerce offers an improved way to manage plugins in nopCommerce.

First we will go over the administration section where a store admin can view / manage all the plugins that are installed on the store site.

Go to: Administration > Configuration > Plugins > Local Plugins

Manage plugins in nopCommerce

Here, a store admin can filter plugins by mode (all, installed only, not installed only) and search by a load mode.

Manage plugins in nopCommerce

There is an another option in the same section that allows a store owner to filter the plugins bases on groups or category and search by a group.

Manage plugins in nopCommerce

Now, we will go over the second section in the administration area where store admin can browse all plugins directly from the nopCommerce site (section:  Extensions and themes).

Go to: Administration > Configuration > Plugins > All plugins and themes directory

Manage plugins in nopCommerce

This area allows a store owner to filter all the plugins as the feed is coming directly from nopCommerce.com

Manage plugins in nopCommerce

You can find a plugin by following options:
- Search by name.
- Search by version.
- Search by category.
- Search by price.

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