Overview of back in stock notifications in nopCommerce

nopCommerce back in stock notification features allows customers to subscribe to list of products for which they would like to get notified (or get alerts) when the products are back in the stock. This is one of the most user-friendly feature that many customers look for in an online store site as it allows them to keep a track of products that has gone out of stock. Options like "back in stock notifications" keeps the online shoppers engaged with the store instead of going to any other store site to order the item.

Today we will go over this feature in detail and in order to understand "back in stock notifications" in depth, let us divide everything in 4 main points:

(1) Setting up "back in stock" notification active for products
(2) Subscribing to the "back in stock" notification for any product
(3) Managing  "back in stock" subscriptions
(4) Email template for "back in stock" notifications

Point#1. Setting up "back in stock" notification active for products

If as a store admin, you wish to setup "back in stock" notification for any particular product/item, go to: Administration section > Catalog > Products > Manage Products

Select your product and go to edit product details page. In the "Product Info" tab, at the bottom you need to enable the option-

Allow back in stock subscriptions: CHECK

Make sure to SAVE changes.

nopCommerce back to stock

Point#2. Subscribing to the "back in stock" notification for any product

When "back in stock" notification is enables for a products, the online shoppers / customers will see an option on the store site (on product page) to subscribe to a notification / alert when the item comes back in the stock.

nopCommerce back in stock

Point#3. Managing  "back in stock" subscriptions

nopCommerce allows registered customers to manage all the subscription for different products for "back in stock" notification. In order to manage the subscription list, customer can easily to to his/her account section and manage everything.

nopCommerce back in stock

Point#4. Email template for "back in stock" notifications

For store owners / admin, who wish you manage (or make change to) the email template for the "back in stock" notification. Simply go to: Administration section > Content Management > Message Templates

There you can find the email / message template for "back in stock" notification.

nopCommerce back in stock

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