Quick Tip: How to configure free shipping for products in bulk in nopCommerce

Several times, I have seen many nopCommerce users asking this question on the forums i.e. How to configure free shipping for products in bulk? 

The manual process can be a quite tedious to configure free shipping for all products by going to each product page in admin section one by one. nopCommerce does offer a functionality by which you can update a list of products (at once) for free shipping.

Another way to achieve this is by using sql script. Today, we will discuss both of these options.


You can simply go to Administration section > Catalog > Products Manage Products

Here, you can export your products in excel file and simply change the column value "IsFreeShipping" to "True" or "False" accordingly and import it back.


Go to your nopCommerce site database and run a SQL query like this

UPDATE Product
SET IsFreeShipping='0'

(Here ID is the product id in the Product table)

Note: In the above query, I am only showing how your query should look like in regard to column names. The where condition needs to be changed according to your requirements.

It could be like this also:

UPDATE Product
SET IsFreeShipping='0'
WHERE ProductTypeID = 5


UPDATE Product
SET IsFreeShipping='0'
WHERE Name = 'Canon Digital SLR Camera'

0 = False (not free shipping)
1 = True (free shipping)

Table Name: Product

(Make sure you take backup before making any direct changes to the database)

Hope it helps :)

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