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How can Insert ? and & and select in search engine friendly Page

2 years ago
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Hi Everyone
i am using nopcommerce 3.09, in which i want to add ? and & in search engine friendly page i am getting error ,


>>  i went in admin panel
>> go to catelog
>> after that go product
>> go to edit product
>> click advance and click SEO

in the textbox search engine friendy page

IN which i want add   ? & but it is not accepting so please tell me how can slow this error ,

Thanks & Regard
2 years ago
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Hi Rajnish,

What error are you getting?

May I ask what is the purpose of adding "?" and "&" in the URL?
2 years ago
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Hi sir,
i am getting error url path is dangers and it is possible that we can create sub category url like  http://localhost:15536/computers/deshtop i am slow this problem very long time. can you tell me how can create own route in nopcommerce 3.09,
Thanks & Regard
2 years ago
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In your solution, open RouteProvider.cs - You will find this file in this location: Nop.Web/Infrastructure/RouteProvider.cs

You will see different mapped routes like home page, login, register etc.