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WordPress and nopCommerce Integration

one year ago
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Everyone knows that nopCommerce is the leading ASP.NET based open-source eCommerce platform while WordPress is a world famous blogging platform backed by thousands of plugins. Integrating nopCommerce with WordPress can be seen as a natural choice for your business if you would like to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

WordPress and nopCommerce integration can be downloaded here:

Demo site(s):

WordPress site (with nopCommerce content: products, cart, search, customer data, order info etc.): CLICK HERE

nopCommerce site (with WordPress content: blog posts, blog author info, blog title, blog permalink, user data etc.): CLICK HERE

Documentation / User Guide:

Overview of WordPress and nopCommerce Integration:

Installing WordPress and nopCommerce Integration:

Setting up your websites for WordPress and nopCommerce Integration:

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one year ago
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I downloaded this plugin from the github. This integration is a fantastic idea!
I like what i am seeing.
Thanks for this great contribution.
one year ago
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This integration sounds really interesting, but you have to support more Nopcommerse versions, as just 3.9 is very limited.
My store is currently on 3.8, and I don't plan to update to 3.9 soon.
If you upload plugin for 3.9 , I am willing to try it on our production store.
Thank you!
9 months ago
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Would it be possible to share the code for WordPress and nopCommerce Integration so we could add support for more nopCommerce versions?
8 months ago
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Hi Lavish,
Wonderful plugin. Recently I have migrated my website from Nopcommerce 3.5 to 4.00 & our technical person is not able to keep wordpress blog at, Instead he is recommending to shift it as Subdomain. i.e.
This is very suicidal  as search engine do not like blogs in subdomain.
Can you help us.
Needed your help desperately.
7 months ago
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Do you have plans to migrate the WordPress-nopCommerce-Integration plugin to NopCommerce 4.0?
7 months ago
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My problem resolved. You can check my blog

Unfortunately, there was no help from this forum.