How to enable and disable activity types in nopCommerce

nopCommerce comes with a variety of features and one of those features is "Activity Log". An activity log is a report which records each and every activity in a system and displays is in a sequential order (as it occurs).

nopCommerce Activity Log keeps a track of all the events happening within the website (front-end and back-end).

Why this activity log is useful? This report captures all the system events from the nopCommerce based website such as: Public store login, place an order, view a category, add a new settings and much more. This is a great feature that can help a store admin to keep a track of all the events happening on the store site.

nopCommerce maintains a list of these activity types, stores it in the database and as a store admin, you can enable and disable any of these activity anytime so that you can only get details of events  that are important to you.

By default, majority of the activity  types are enabled in nopCommerce out of the box. If you wish to disable any of the existing ones of add more, you can go to:

Administration section > Configuration > Activity Log > Activity Types

You will see this:

At this moment you perform the following options:

1) You can either check "Is Enabled" option to select all types of activity
2) Uncheck the "Is Enabled" column for activity type that you want to be disabled

Make sure to click "Save" after making the changes:

That's all !!!

Now try to perform any activity task mention in the list and you will see the activity in your activity report: Administration section > Configuration > Activity Log > Activity Log

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